What Does Sarcoidosis of Eyes Mean?

If your doctor has just now diagnosed you with Sarcoidosis eyesand you are confused then let me tell you. Sarcoidosis is a condition that could affect any tissues of the body organs or part. In literal terms sarcoid is known as flesh when affects tissues causes formation of lumps that are also known as granulomas. It is usually caused by inflammation of the respective tissues. The actual cause of the formation is still unknown but it could come suddenly out of nowhere.

When it affects eyes, the condition is quite serious as it could cause malfunctioning of the eye that could deter vision and produce similar effects. These lumps are often microscopic and disappear mostly without medications. But when they deter vision or produce other effects it needs immediate medical treatment to resume the normal eye functions. The formation of eye granuloma often results in symptoms such as burning sensation, redness and others.

Symptoms of Sarcoidosis eyes

If the condition is in initial stages where the inflammation if restricted to one portion of the eye the person might experience symptoms such as redness, burning, itching in the inside core of eyes, dry eyes (a marked symptoms where the person would feel lack of tears). Sometimes there will be excess tear formation due to irritation of the eye tissue. The disturbance in vision often comes at later stages where person might experience blurred vision due to granuloma. Some patients with the Sarcoidosis often complain sensitivity towards harsh light such as of a lamp or from sun.


Sometimes patients with eye granuloma experience a strange condition known as uveitis. This is a condition where the person faces inflammation to the portion called as uvea. Uvea is a membrane of the eye that when gets inflamed causes range of problems and discomfort. The exact location of the uvea is between retina and sclera that is present in the center of the eye. When these tissues get inflamed they trigger production of white blood cells that surface the eye to blur the vision and make the eye sticky. These viscous white blood cells could attach the lens and iris of the eye together to cause stretching experience and serious kind of pain.

If treatment is not received at this stage of inflammation the person might lose his/her vision forever. After sensing some of the symptoms of sarcoidosis eyesthe patient should report it to the eye specialist to perform complete eye checkup. At this stage treatment could be administered in the form of medicines or eye drops to curb the inflammation and bring white spots on nails the eye back to normal function.

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