How to get rid of food addiction and stay healthy

It is well known that food addiction and bad habits are related to “junk food” an expression that involve all modified food which are added with extra calories from sugar, highly processed carbs, saturated and trans fats. And those are just the ingredients we know, there are a few extra ingredients added known as additives that makes fast food attractive because it gives characteristics like flavor, texture and the worst part: can have similar addictive effect as the ingredients added on cigarettes and drugs.  Besides during the process food loses important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals  what makes it completely unhealthy.

The effects of high doses  of sugar and fat in our body compares to the effects of some drugs, both evoke brain chemicals called endorphin and dopamine those hormones gives pleasure sense which at the end may cause addiction.

Food addiction can cause health problems:


The high levels of insulin caused by the execs of carbs and sugar leads to an increase of sebum on the skin and dehydration which promote acne.

Constipation: Fast food is low in fibber and makes your digestive process slow which cause constipation

Fatigue: High dosis of processed carbs and sugar gives you a lot of energy for a few minutes but after that it comes down making you feel sleepy and because of the poor vitamins and minerals fast food has your metabolism become slow.

Tips to get rid of  food addiction and have healthy eating.

Breaking a fast food addiction is similar to breaking other addictions. Here are some practical tips to star getting clean.

First of all and a lot of experts recommend: admit the problem and make a plan to stop it. Yes, it is important to understand something is going wrong so the changes can be permanently not only for a while. Make it conscious You need to figure out when and why are you eating, if you are really hungry or is just because there are the options. If you hide your emotions behind food it´s important to treat them with an specialist. Add more fruits and vegetables:

Eat at least 3-5 fruits  a day this will help you reduce sugar craving, vegetables will make you feel full because of the fibber and both provide water which is needed to maintain adequate levels of hydration

From now on you are going to change your regular plate to a small one because people usually overeat so using small plates and bowls will force you to dish out smaller portions.

It will take several days to get used to it, but your brain will adapt. Reduce processed carbs and sugar form your diet If sugar is your weakness start reducing food that contains hidden sugar like all processed foods dressings, White bread, sauces and reduce the portions to a very small ones if it is possible eliminate it at all.

Do not eat “light” versions because it contain additives or sugar substitutes which are chemicals that makes you addict and the idea is not to cheat your brain, this is about getting rid of addiction so try to eat more fruits or home made ice creams made with real and fresh fruits without sugar and dairy products. Do not skip breakfast

Eating a meal of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats can rev up your metabolism and give you fuel for an active day it also will help you to control insulin and glucose in your blood so you can avoid those extra pounds.

Make 5-6 meals a day

It is important to eat each 2-3 hours to avoid overeat besides eating small meals during the day can lower cholesterol, promote weight loss, improve energy levels and boots metabolism.

Of course you need to add to your diet complex carbs, fruits, healthy fats such as peanuts, almonds, olive oil.

Move your body

Working out at the gym, a bicycle ride or a simple 30 minutes walk improves your health at all making you feel better some of the benefits: Improve your immune system, controls weight and appetite and makes biochemistry changes in your brain and provide you pleasure sense.

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