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Words of Encouragement for Cancer and Terminal Diseases

© Dr. Joel Akande

I used to work in a Cancer Department within the NHS and I can tell how important words can change the presentation of a cancer sufferer. Telling the truth and upholding hope in the patient can be the difference between early deaths, depression and hope to continue living. It’s a delicate balancing act. Yet, cancer is no joke for it’s a serious and often a lethal disease 


However, to anyone who knows the incredible power in words, hope can be restored in the despairing. Depression may be lifted and strength may return to the infirm. A renewed spiritual and mental power may help the sufferer to challenge the disease and recover!

Therefore, the following encouraging words are directed to cancer sufferers, their families and friends, regardless of the stage of the disease. Cancer should be dealt with as a matter of utmost priority.

What if the cancer is at early stage and you give thanks for discovering the disease early:

“Thank God my cancer was caught early. I am grateful it has not spread” or “Thank God, you were diagnosed early.  I know you still have many decades of life and strength in you. I wish you well with the treatment”.

Someone once questioned me: “What if your patient is not a God believer?”

In that case: why not say:  “You are very lucky indeed that you got the cancer out so early and hopefully, that is it. Good luck on your further treatment.”

Still, if you are religious and have faith: Why not do it in prayer form and blessing: “You are cured... May the cancer never arise again” is a word of affirmation and restoration of hope.

In some cancer patients, the cancer may be in remission and in that case, the sufferer needs reassurance and sustenance of hope while encouraging the person to keep doctor’s appointment.  “I pray (or hope) that the disease remains inactive and hopefully you are cured. Keep the strength. And remember to keep your appointments, so doctors can keep an eye on it. Strength to you.”

You may also do it in form of blessing: “May the Lord keep you and heal you...”

If you are the sufferer why not encourage yourself: Heal me O Lord and I will be healed..  Save me and I will be saved.” to quote from the Bible book of Jeremiah.

What if the cancer had spread and is terminal? Any disease can indeed be terminal and not just cancer. In this case, doctors are not necessarily giving up. Well at this stage, you and or the encourager must hold on to hope with two hands in a firm way. As well as for cancer, the following words can be considered for all terminal diseases.

“Never, ever give up on recovery... Never give up hope. Trust the Doctors (see Royal Marsden Hospital)  to do the best and trust God to heal you.” is the starting point. 

You may go deeper:

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint” to quote Isaiah 40: 31

You may also reaffirm your strength: “I will not die of this cancer. I will live and recover” or reaffirm the strength of others: “May you not die of this cancer. May you live and recover.”

Sometimes, an infirm person wants to hear that they have fought a good fight:

“You are holding up very well. There is no sign, unless one is told,  you have any disease as you continue to look beautiful as ever. You must be a very strong person”. Trust me, this can bring smiles and renewed power in the patient.

At all stages, even at the point of death, encouragement must translate to love. Provide physical support, financial help, home cleaning, and shopping and home visits if possible ( See )  .  Send cards with above words in love. Be there and be seen to be helping if the circumstances allow for it. Back off though,  if getting over-involved is inappropriate.

Finally, if death is certain, remember to encourage the family with reassurance (see example here).  Now, may you live long in health!  There is power in words... Get the books now. or Get the Tools of Encouragement


How is it possible to obtain healing by power of spoken words?    Find Out How.  Buy the Full Book Now 

Release: 27 October 2010  . Buy Now...       
Copyright: Dr. Joel Akande



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