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Why Do People Die? Why Do I Have to Die?

Why Do People Die? Why Do I Have to Die?

Copyright: Dr. Joel Akande

Death means, to be cut-off from life or not to reach ones destination or to cease from living.  Death can be physical death in which the body, spirit, brain and soul,  all cease to function or death meaning a failure of actualization even while the person is still living. The objective of this article is the former and not the latter reference.

Death is by any measure,  a painful thing to happen to anyone. Yet death is inevitable. Death happens to all living things that ever exist on earth: Plants and animals. Non-living things decay and rot away and so are human beings whose body is made of these decaying minerals.

Why do we have to die? I have the unfortunate personal and professional experience of having to deal with this question over several times. To some life is either “sweet” or tough as individual and collective experiences may show. Still, no matter what our experience may be, all living things will experience one form of death or another: sooner or later. Fundamentally, death is always a consequence of a wrong which can be inherited or transfered wrong. Death can be  a wrong committed by the person who died.  It can be a combination of both wrongs.

(See Encouraging Words for Coping With Death/Bereavement)

Biological Reasons Why We Die

Billions of tiny cells, that are glued together, make up human beings: every part of us. The cells are made from the food that we eat and minerals  such as iron, zinc, calcium which we in turn obtain from the earth!   Thus, these cells are nothing but minerals and water that make up the earth: the dust of the earth. As each of these billions of cells work "24/7"   from conception, they wear and tear, just like any machine would.

For several reasons they may break-down. "Spare parts” from other parts of the body may not be readily available to “repair” any damage. The cells may break down due to poison by substance misuse, substance allergy, or posion by other living things such as bacteria (E-coli for example) , viruses (such as AIDS/HIV virus)  or parasites such as malaria-causing parasites. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned poisoning may be due to the person's cause/self-abuse (personal issues such as drug-misuse) or the action of others (criminal poisoning or even failure to prevent some thing occuring for example, a nurse may give or fail to give a medication at the appropriate time frame).  By extension, death will come on a person, due to deprivation of essential maintenance such as lack of water, food, blood, oxygen, lack of supply of adequate food and minirals. These deprivations may be by accident or deliberate act by the person or another. 

In similar manner, the human body can only survive in  certain own's internal or external  environmental conditions. Any extreme of temperatures or inbalance in Sun rays and wind/air or magnetic fields may poison or damage the body cells leading up to death. 

On the other hand, in the aging process,  collectively therefore, the cells and organs of the body get tired and will, like any machine, break down (Read the poem on the Human Machine) .  What is said in this paragraph can also be due to overuse of one's body especially if such overuse is done without rest, maintenance or if done with misuse of one's own body.   Death will therefore come.

This is what happens in aging process  whereby essential parts of the human organs fails making it impossible for the organ to work in association with other parts of the human machine.

This biological death is the death that comes upon human beings, plants and all animals.  The "machine" breaks down. The end of life. 

Social and Economic Reason Why We Die

a.    Death is a necessary tool to eliminate people that may not promote the aim of the earth’s existence or existence of its inhabitants. This category of people may be wicked rulers that cause trouble for others or anyone who is bent on destroying the earth and its people. What will the world look like if Hitler, Idi-Amin and Sadam Hussain were still alive?  Imagine if everyone were to live forever, in the current earth form. The world will be impossible to live in.

b.    The earth does not like anyone to be a burden on it or be a burden to others. Human beings must be free and able to function on daily basis. Any defect, illness and break-down is likely to result in death: being cut-off from living (see biological reason above).

Legal and Spiritual Reasons Why We Die

Imagine a criminal who committed an offence. He ran afoul of an established law. It was initially established by the community that he or she lives that anyone who committed such a crime will be cut off or in the least be sent to prison (prison being temporarily or permanently cut off from larger society of human beings).

Such a person will be deemed not worthy of living again, and he may be killed depending on the type of offence.
This is exactly how human beings came to dying: being lawless to both divine and man-made laws. Human beings (and all living things) were therefore “sentenced” to death after living for a while on earth, on account of human lawlessness to divine laws. Talk of being guilty by ... Please log-in or register here



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Die is only a biological terms which transfer the soul out-into an immortal phase of life. Each must well prepared his budget taking the journey to the dream land. The Paradise.

Comment by adam stone - February 22,2013 @ 05:38 AM

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